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Fabrice Morvan

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John Davis

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Fabrice Morvan, the original member and John Davis, one of the original voices of MILLI VANILLI present - their hits from back in the day!


Girl you know it's true / Keep on running / Blame it on the rain / Baby don‘t forget my / Girl I‘m gonna miss you - and also some specials !!!!!


To date, the group has sold a fabulous 45 million records! Produced by Frank Farian, the discopop duo reached absolute world fame in the 90’s. Each of their songs went straight for the top of the charts. "Girl I'm gonna miss you" was their most successful song on the US Billboard charts. 


Now, in 2019, they are back on tour with shows at various 90’s festivals, town fairs and parties at the best clubs all over the world!




Wolfgang Kaiser

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8153 Rümlang


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Mobil: +41 79 480 34 50


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